Monday, 15 July 2013

Discouragement - the ugly monster!

 ‘It’s simply too hard’, ‘you can’t, you won’t’, it’s ever so impossible’. Have you ever heard these words being thrown at you? Sometimes words don’t need to be uttered. It could be a flicker of the eyelid, that sarcastic look or laugh. It is enough to knock you off your head. You begin to doubt yourself and what you’re doing. Suddenly all that you thought was within your sight seems unattainable. Your self-confidence and your self-esteem lessen as the utterances keep coming. Yes, I’m talking about discouragement. The kind that has a way of clawing its way into your brain all the way down to your soul, leaving you crushed and utterly confused. Not the good kind that one subtly throws around to protect you from yourself.

Naysayers. We've all met them and some of us even have them as friends or worse our family members. They thrive on thwarting any dreams, hopes and ambitions that you may have. They won’t rest until every drop of zeal and drive has been squeezed out of your bones. Well, the good news is we’re all aware of this monster called discouragement and we should always be on radar to recognise its ugly head. The more it spews its venom at us, the harder we should press on.

More often than not this monster recognises the fact that it lacks the motivation or the drive to want to do anything itself, therefore, it seeks to recruit more of it's kind. When life throws hurdles and hardship, it chooses not to jump and it wallows in self-pity; letting adversities and challenges get the better of it and is afraid to run towards its fears. If anything, adversities should be that little push that we need to spur us on towards our goals. Furthermore, challenges should be an opportunity for us to develop strength and discover who we really are and be the best that we can be. 

In my previous blog I spoke about playing the cards that you’re dealt. The message behind the blog is that one shouldn't let anything stop them in spite of the circumstances. The saying ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’ holds true. Indeed, we've got to acknowledge the fact that sometimes the road can be bumpy with many pot holes around which we have to meander but the fact of the matter is with the right kind of attitude we can. So when the monster raises its head, ready to pounce, hold fast and stand your ground and let it watch you realise your dream! 

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