Sunday, 1 December 2013

My Monthly Nursing Articles....Why I Write Them!

If you haven't worked it out by now I'm a nurse by profession. A Recovery Nurse to be precise and my official work title is Nurse Theatre Practitioner. As is my custom each month I produce an original nursing article based on my experiences as a nurse. With all its challenges I do find my job very inspiring and satisfying. What I experience as I interact with my patients gives me a wealth of information as a writer.

When I'm in hospital not only am I nursing the sick and the vulnerable, I am also handling real people from all walks of life and I'm often amazed at the depth of lessons that I learn from all these people. I am not at all suggesting that my experiences are always pleasant, far from it. Some of the experiences are indeed painful, negative and quite daunting to say the least but nevertheless I learn and grow from them. This is the reason why I believe that one's experiences are one's greatest resource and of course those of others which are also learnt through experiencing what others have also experienced! I don't know if this makes sense as I'm now confused but anyway, these experiences produce a chain reaction from which one continues to learn and grow! Nursing is just a part of my experiences in life and I like to tap from that and I reckon great writing works will be produced in the not so distant future as a result of my hands on experience as a nurse (that's all I'm saying for now ;-).

For this month's nursing article I'm focussing on the ridiculous, the mundane and the bizarre! I shan't say more as pre-emptying could be a disaster. All I will say, however, is that if you've never been in a hospital environment, watched Holby City/St Elsewhere or read Nurse Nancy then the article could be a real eye opener. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for my next nursing article.

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  1. When I was a psychiatric nurse I never, obviously, worked in Recovery. But I trained in the day when psych nurses spent 18 months on a General secondment and recognised some of what you were saying from time spent in Surgical wards. Thank you!

  2. you are an inspiration, I did not know that we have nurses like you?, searaxh for Nurse Nicole M Brown maybe you can interact gainfully, she is also a nursewriter

    1. Thank you Gabriel. I will surely search for her and take it from there. Thanks for your support and encouragement.