Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Hello Everyone...An Update!

What a ride 2020 has been, and we still got a few more weeks to go yet!

I hope you have all been keeping safe. To those who have lost loved ones to ongoing pandemic, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. As a nurse, I have seen the amount of suffering first-hand, and all I can say is, 'This too shall pass.' Let us remain strong and hopeful, doing the best we can to keep ourselves, our loved ones and fellow men safe. 

I know it has been a minute since I updated this blog. But I have not been sitting on my laurels. 

As you all know, I am a nurse, which means COVID-19 has kept me, the other first responders and all those on the frontline, busy. During the first peak, I did not have much headspace to write but picked up again once things got settled, if that is even a thing, considering the current status. 


Since my last blog entry, I have been able to pen the first draft of a romance (fiction) manuscript and am currently editing it. And I have to say that I am feeling excited about this project. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, but I have also been able to discover things about myself during the process. Writing, after all, is a way of self exploring. Many a great love stories have been written, and with lots of similar themes, but what makes writing special is that there are stories that only YOU can write. To me, the project is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

When will it be published? I do not yet know. You cannot rush a work of art, right? But keep an eye out. An announcement may be coming sooner than we think!

Meanwhile, keep reading. Keep writing. Stay safe. COVID-19 is still very much with us.

Come back soon!