Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Greetings from Wales- Singing and me

Greetings from Wales.

 Today the singing was out of this world. I swear I thought the Lord Jesus was going to descend from heaven and scoop me away from the troubles of this world!

I love singing. Boy do I love to sing. If only I had the voice to go with it life would be much simpler! But then again if my choir master can put up with me, who am I to deny myself of this incredible feeling?
Having been a member of my church choir for a few years I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that wild horses couldn’t stop me from singing even if they tried!

So what’s up with the singing?

We sing to praise.
We sing when we’re happy.
We sing when we’re sad.
We sing when we’re excited.
We sing when we’re hurting.
And at times we sing to mock, when we’re confused and unsure about what it is that life is trying to tell us.

Science informs us that singing releases endorphins known as ‘feel good’ chemicals. These chemicals give us a euphoric high which brings about some kind of satisfaction. So when you sing or listen to music, Mother Nature is trying to dig you out of a hole or indeed reinforce that joy which is already in your heart. I don't care where you're from there’s something about music that reaches to the depth of our souls. A universal language understood by all and one of the things that makes us special beings and at times unite us.

So put on your favourite music and have a sing-along. Boyz to men, Little Mix, Oliver Mtukudzi or the Gaithers' Homecoming. It doesn't matter what you're into. Let’s keep those endorphins flowing in our bodies. I intend to!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stolen innocence!

The young lass tried in vain to fight him off. Scratching the skin of his face and kicking him in the groin.
     The more she fought, the harder and deeper he thrust into her. He did it for a few good minutes. Not that she was counting. All she wanted was to get out there. Away from his hungry torso and his tobacco tainted breath.
     She felt him jerk and then he gave a groan. That pronounced he had finished.
     ‘Wow, you young ones are the same. Sweet as ever!’ he said peeling himself off her. The lass shivered uncontrollably as she clasped onto what was left of her blouse. She watched him fasten his trousers zip, praying he wouldn't decide to put her through the ordeal once again. She couldn't bear it. She felt dirty enough as it is.

     Sex was supposed to be a sacred act between husband and wife. An act of love. She had heard her aunt say……. (to be continued)