Monday, 19 August 2013

Dare to dream?

Ever come across that girl or woman who wants to be the most classy and elegant woman on the block? Then there is that man who sees himself as the next president of United States? Well, nothing at all wrong with having dreams and being ambitious. You can dream any dream that you want. You may even dream of being the best wife, teacher, musician ever celebrated, the best film producer ever to live or indeed the world's next best-selling author *wink*. No dream is too big or too small. After all our dreams are tailored to suit our needs, personalities, environment and our traits. You are there, a self-motivated and focused human being. The kind of person that doesn't let life's challenges stand in their way. You're the sort who grabs every opportunity with both hands and you've got what it takes. And if you've got the resources, family and friends who support you and will you on your way as well as that greater being on your side then I reckon you're half way there.

But my dear doves, I reckon, it all hinges on one thing and one thing alone- the fact that you should never compare yourself to anybody. Indeed, let them be your source of inspiration. Admire them and let them guide you even but when you start measuring yourself against them you're on a slippery slope to failure. You'll get to the bottom faster than you can say achieve. I'm not at all suggesting that you should settle for average. By all means find your passion in life, follow your heart and seek that which satisfies you. After all, where is the fulfillment if one doesn't unleash their full potential, or at least try? But you'll do well to remember that in so doing you should only strive to be the best that YOU can be. Settle only for YOUR best. After all, your best is all you can ever be. This, I believe, is what keeps us truly motivated. It gives us true contentment in our lives and enables us to walk in true gratitude. So yes, by all means be ambitious, reach for the stars and aim to be the very best - but only YOUR best!

Just saying....


  1. Brilliant post! Your title reminded me of Karl Popper's summary of Kant's ethical doctrine: "dare to be free; and respect the freedom of others."